My Story

I'm a UX and UI designer based in a beautiful city called Brașov from România.

In my free time, I love exploring the world through the lens of my DSLR and phone. Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time, and I find it a fascinating medium to express creativity and capture life's fleeting moments in still frames. Also, I enjoy losing myself in the pages of compelling fiction books.

In addition, I am a big advocate for outdoor activities and nothing refreshes me quite like long, serene walks in nature. It's an opportunity for me to reconnect with myself, reflect on my thoughts, and find inspiration, often during tranquil mornings. These activities, combined, provide me with a great balance and often inspire fresh ideas that I bring back into my UX design work.

My experience

In my four years of experience in this field, I've created designs for verticals like Health, Sales, Investment, Communication, and E-commerce using Figma and Adobe XD.

Aug 2022 — Present
User Experience Designer
I'm working on building and maintaining the Design System alongside building the best user experience for an existing online ordering system for restaurants in the Food and Beverage division.
Aug 2021 - Iuly 2022
User Experience Designer
I've partnered with this agency as a collaborator, and together we build wonderful user experiences for digital products like communication, financial, and productivity apps. Also, I've collaborated with project managers and developers, which helped ensure a high-standard development process.
Mar 2020 — July 2021
Cornerstone Technologies International
User Experience Designer
As an employee, I've helped on nine digital products related to verticals like health, investment, QSR management solution, crypto, and e-commerce; for those, I've created websites, mobile apps, and web apps. Also, I've worked closely with the development team for each project, which helped me improve my UI design techniques.
Jan 2018 — Feb 2020
UX & UI Designer and Web Developer
After taking a Udacity course for essential front-end development, I've started making WordPress websites for several Start-Ups, which led me to the fantastic world of UI design. From there, I've become intrigued by the UX part, and after self-learning, I fell in love with it and started with small steps to design the best I could an excellent user experience for each project that came.


I've finished some excellent courses at The Interaction Design Foundation to improve my design work.


UX Design
UI Design
Graphic Design
User Flows
Mobile App Design
Landing Page
We App Design
iOS App Design
Android App Design
Design System


Adobe XD

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